Mefenamic Acid



What is Mefenamic acid?

Mefenamic acid is one of the group of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is used to relieve many different kinds of pain or discomfort but primarily for relief of period pain. It can also be prescribed to women after childbirth. buy cheap mefenamic

How does Mefenamic acid work?

Mefenamic acid contains an active ingredient which targets the pain or inflammation in your body to relive it.

What are the benefits of taking Mefenamic acid? buy cheap mefenamic

Periods vary from woman to woman but for some women, they can be an extremely uncomfortable and painful experience that last for a prolonged amount of time.

Taking Mefenamic acid to relieve this pain allows women to go about their daily life, whatever stage of their menstrual cycle they’re in.

How do I use Mefenamic acid?

Mefenamic acid is a prescription-only medication. Always follow the advice of your doctor and read the patient information leaflet provided in the medication packet.

Swallow the tablets whole with a drink of water – do not crush or chew them. It’s recommended to take these tablets during or just after a meal, and your dose will be decided upon by your doctor, based on the type and severity of the condition you’re trying to treat.

Mefenamic acid dosage: buy cheap mefenamic

Mefenamic acid contains an active anti-inflammatory ingredient, and the tablets or capsules come in various doses. The normal dose for adults is 500mg, taken 3 times a day (1500mg in total), however doctors often prescribe a lower amount for adults aged 70 years or over.

If you take more Mefenamic acid than you should, then you should contact your doctor immediately and be aware that you may experience side effects. If you forget to take it, then take it as soon as you remember, provided it is not too close to the time of your next dose. You should never double up on your dose to make up for a forgotten one.

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